Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Dogma-Modeler's Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add a new FAQ here?

Yes, post your question as a comment and we will extract and republish your question and the answer.

Can I download DogmaModeler?

Yes, from

Can I contribute to DogmaModeler?

Absolutely, DogmaModeler is Open Source, please keep us informed about your contributions

How can I open/create an ontology base?

DogmaModeler allows you to access and create ontology bases at the DogmaServer (which is an ontology base server located in Belgium). To do this you can choose from the recently opened connections, or you can choose the default connection. See the Ontologybase Menu. After press connect, DogmaModeler will allow to open and edit several ontology bases that are already stored at the DogmaServer, or you may to create a new ontology base, which will be stored at the DogmaServer. We recommend NOT to create a new ontology base. In fact what you may need, and we recommend you to do, is to create a new Context. In this way you can work as you are alone and nobody can delete or play with you data.

We strongly recommend you to watch the video tutorial For more details and explanation please have a quick read of section 6.1 and 6.2 at

Can I create a new Ontology Base in any database that I have locally and continue from there?

Basically yes, you can also install a local database server, and use it as an OntologyBase server through ODBC. This is not so easy for non-IT people. You can install any database (e.g. SQL server, MYSQL, etc.) However you should have the same schema. For me, I only use SQL Server. If you want to use SQL Server you can attach these two data files to your local SQL server. It may not work directly, you have to play with user rights. I advise you not install a local server if you are a new user, as it might be complicated for you.

Is it possible to use the Access database CContology.mdb as an Ontology Base?

yes, but please notice that the access file (that contains the CContology) is NOT intended to be used as an Ontology Base by DogmaModeler. I use it only for archiving the ontology content.

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